About The Project

How Did We Get Here?

We noticed over and over that parents couldn’t find babysitters.  Or, sometimes they just didn’t fit well with who they found.  There just wasn’t enough information.  We know there are tons of websites devoted to finding babysitters, but we set out to matching babysitters and families based on their caregiving styles and lifestyle. We wanted more than that.  We wanted an easy way to schedule and we wanted to skip the bank.  But, we still wanted more.  We wanted easy communication, lots of pictures, a great way to keep track of things, and we wanted it all in one place.  We wanted just one button to push. We still wanted more.  We wanted great references and connections.  Something beyond a background check.  We wanted to know if the babysitter is safe AND if the babysitter is safe going to a stranger’s home.  That is where the circles came in.  Our own social media circles just for finding babysitters, with tools to make life easier. So, we began researching, working with tech advisors and psychology experts to help with matching.  We began designing and researching needs and demographics.  Having no tech experience, but lots of caregiving experience, we decided to bring the two things together differently than we have seen available. This blog is our process.