Trying To Learn About Marketing

A big part of the purpose of this blog is to test out our own marketing skills.  We know all about traditional marketing and advertising – but traditional advertising is no longer relevant.  We need to learn about Google marketing, the different social media marketing avenues, how reliable analytics from small companies are, and where best to spend our time and energy. We know that the under 40 crowd learns about what is going on in the world differently than how over 40 tends to learn about new products.  We also understand that parents, young and old, communicate and gather information in varied ways.  We want to learn more about how! Most importantly, we know how important networking relationships are to launching a business.  It used to be that people would network primarily in their geographic location.  That is no longer the case.  No matter how great or needed a product is, there have to be people talking about it. Our goal here, with this site, is to learn about trends.  We learn through doing.  Here we go!